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    MS Exchange and unnecessary iPhone notification

    I'm looking for suggestions on how to discriminate between "wanted" advertisement email and business correspondence. Here's the situation... I recently upgraded my wireless device to an iPhone 4 with MS Exchange. Anything that hits my inbox gives me immediate notification on the iPhone. That works great except that I also receive numerous emails from advertisers that needlessly interrupt me, mostly at inopportune times. I would like a way to move these ads to a folder, without notification, and be able to review them some time later at my discretion. I'm not sure what approach to take. I could create a rule for each individual "from" address but it's my understanding that Outlook has some type of restriction on the number of rules or the rules file size or something of that nature. I'm not sure if I can create one big fat rule with all these email addresses in them... at least in my attempts I didn't see a way to do that. There was also some mention of creating a Global Address List and using a rule that if any address in the list hits the inbox then the rule would be implemented. No matter what, this rule needs to be a Server based rule. I was wondering if anybody else has found an "elegant" way to handle a situation like mine. It would be nice if it was something that is easily manageable since this list of "wanted" advertisements changes occasionally.
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    I would add a number of email addresses to you account. I would hand those out to "wanted" advertisers, and then create a server based rule that applies on message arrival with in the message header and move it to the Advertisement folder. Based on the email address, you could make a few rules for different situations. I have a few 'throw away' ones that I just delete when I don't need them (or use 10 minute mail if it is a quick verification)

    Pretty easy to setup, low maintenance = Elegant

    Hope that helps!



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