To make this as short as possible:

My system consists of a Dell Dimension (P3) XPS T550 with 640MB memory, EarthLink DSL, connected via an Efficient Networks Inc. (ENI) SpeedStream 5260 ADSL Ethernet modem.

Almost 2 weeks ago, I downloaded & installed the latest security update (dated 4 Oct 01) from the Office XP download site for Outlook 2002. Up until then, Outlook 2002 checked all 4 of my accounts flawlessly & was my e-mail program of choice. Now, trying to Send/Receive mail does not access the modem at all & times out for ALL accounts, saying that there was no response from the (ISP's) server. However, Outlook Express 6.0, Eudora 5.1 & all other e-mail programs are able to send & receive just fine. But NOT Outlook 2002. Also, this action completely locks up the modem. The system needs to be re-booted to reset the modem. Turning the modem on & off does not free it up. Every time I try to Send/Receive with Outlook 2002, upon trying to exit Windows gracefully, I get a BSOD:

"An error has occurred.
Error: 0E:0028:C0030610".

The computer is then completely locked & I must use the reset button to re-boot. When I test my mail account settings (yes, I deleted & then re-entered all 4 of them MANY times!), Outlook returns that it connects to the network but every other action fails (send test message, etc.).

I know from the Microsoft Outlook newsgroups on Microsoft's server that I'm not the only one that this is happening to.

Does anyone have any ideas what I can try to get Outlook 2002 back to being usable??? Until I do, I'm back to using Eudora 5.1.

I won't be able to check back here for about a week but any help would be appreciated.

Rich Cervenka