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    Links in E-mail (IE 5.5 sp2)

    I have just started using IE. I have a problem with links in e-mails. I received an e-mail that had the link When I clicked on the link IE took me to Http://, a porno site. This problem occurs with Win 2000 Pro and Win 98. The e-mail is hotmail. It does not happen with Netscape. HELP!!!!

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    Re: Links in E-mail (IE 5.5 sp2)

    Is Shockwave Flash plugin installed on your computer? SWF files require Flash to display, that's why your browser is unable to open it and then redirect to (personally I hate this "user-friendly" redirection.)
    You can use Windows Media Player 7 to view these pages - download it from
    After the installation, IE will show you Flash files with any problem.
    It's worth your troubles to view this funny site.

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