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    Interpreting the problem patch charts

    Sorry, I am having a problem interpreting the problem patch charts. I follow them very closely, and appreciate the information given. However, can I assume that, if a patch is no longer in the list with a hold or wait or otherwise don't install message, then it is OK to install? As an example, more than a month ago there was an Outlook patch KB2509470, I believe, that was indicated to have many issues and so one should wait to install. It has not appeared on the latest problem patch charts. Does that mean it is OK to install now? If not, how do we keep track of what is OK if it is not on the list in some form? Thanks.

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    I also follow the patchlists closely as well. I recently noticed: 2510690 as skip on 7/28 and 8/11, wait on 8/25 and 9/15. And I saw no comments about it in the newsletter. So even though I hid it as skip, I need to track it in case it eventually becomes install? A suggestion: make it clear in the patch table what the previous action was when changing actions (at least when previous action was Optional or Skip).

    My assumptions, are these correct?

    1. Optional – Depending on the write-up, I either treat it as install or as skip and hide. Will eventually disappear from the table. Problem with this is that if I hide it and it becomes install or another action, I will not see the patch. (See above comments.)
    2. Skip – I assume this is final, but see above comments. Skip will eventually disappear from the table.
    3. Install – I assume this is final. Even in exceptional cases where it reverts to wait or hold, it doesn’t really affect me, either I have already installed it or it will show up as wait or hold. Install will eventually disappear from the table.
    4. Hold and Wait – will eventually become skip, install, or optional. They should never just disappear from the table.

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    Hope to not muddy the water too much, but we have to remember that the patchchart is a "one (wo)man's opinion" [no offense meant to Ms Bradley because I do use the chart] but I recently queried Woody on his blog page why he and Susan did not always agree on what to install. His response was [and I paraphrase] that she is looking at it from a business user's point of view, and that he was seeing it as an everyday individual user's view. Makes sense to me, and I have not gone wrong yet following what either of them said. I just weigh it out before I do it. I particularly like that Ms. Bradley explains in the newsletter what 'might' be the problem with a patch, and then we can figure out if we are willing to take that risk.



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