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    Installing Win98

    I want to upgrade from win95 to win98 (my PC isn't suitable for win2k/winme etc - that's why I'm only moving to win98)

    I have a win98 installation cd, but it won't let me do an upgrade.
    Is there any way of fooling the wizard into ignoring the existing win95???
    Would renaming (the 95 version) be enough???

    Thanks for any help.

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    Re: Installing Win98

    I recommend that you do a <A target="_blank" HREF=>clean install</A> of Win98. You will have a much better experience, and, you probably have a lot of left over garbage on your old system that will be deleted by the clean install.

    Make sure that you have ALL the installation media or files for your software and have backed up your data.

    You should also check for later Windows 98 specific versions of any programs you are using.

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