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    Answering the telephone (all)

    Given that it's ms-OFFICE it seems to me that VBA ought to be able to perform a menial clerical task.

    What I have in mind, given that I have voice-mail and email, like so many other people, it a small chunk of code that can listen in to my telephone, and take action.

    Imagine a little chunk of VBA sitting there, sitting, waiting, waiting, ... the telephone rings, then stops (as the voice-mail picks it up and stores it). After a stipulated wait (maybe ten seconds), the plucky little piece of VBA code springs into action, dials *069 (or your local equivalent) to obatin the number that last called your number, grabs the number, trots off to my name and address file to look it up, gets an email address from there, and issues an email saying "I know you tried to call me, but I'm out of the country, and my manager is collecting voicemail. Send me an email if you want to dialogue (!) with me".

    Suppose that the telephone number can NOT be found in the name and address file? Maybe then an alternate message "Faster response if you email me".

    Of course, we'd need to keep track of numbers, and not issue an email more than once a week to any one number. All sorts of administrivia, to plagiarize a phrase.

    The essence would seem to be:

    (1) detecting a telephone ring.
    (2) diallling *069.
    (3) interpreting the voice that responds.

    My fax/modem program, QuickLinkII, can be told to respond after so-many rings. If I could parasite a chunk of code onto that, I'd be partway there ....

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    Re: Answering the telephone (all)


    VBA lacks the Ring method of the Telephone object. This will be ready in VBA ver 69.

    But I guess we can use something like:

    Sub AnswerPhone()
    With MyTelephone
    If .Ring = True Then '/Regrettably this line is the problem...
    Call StarSixtyNine
    Call CheckWhoInTheWorldIsCalling
    If SameWeek = False Then
    Call SendEMailNotification
    End If
    End If
    End With
    End Sub
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