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    Datevalue (2000)

    I want to add and subtract dates in a colum.
    =DATEVALUE("10/5/2001") works, but doesn't seem to take a reference like:

    What can I do to get datevalue to use a date in another cell?
    My ultimate goal i something like:
    EDATE(DATEVALUE("C1"),5) which won't work because datevalue won't work.

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    Re: Datevalue (2000)

    Glen, you are making it too difficult. You probably will never need to use the DATEVALUE function.

    If you have 10/5/2001 in cell C1, then if you enter =EDATE(C1,5) in cell C2, you will see the result as 37320. Now if you format this cell as a date (the easiest way is with the format-painter button), then you will see the desired result, 3/5/2002. HTH --Sam
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    Re: Datevalue (2000)

    Thanks for simplifying it.
    I'm doing penance for trying to follow the example in the help file:

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