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    Word Inline Graphics: Crop "sizing handles" instead of regular

    Hi All,

    I recently wrote about two types of sizing handles for Word inline graphics. It seems that one style is used in .doc files and an another style in .docx files.

    Well, I have another Word sizing handles issue in Word 2007.

    When inserting a wmf as an inline graphic, it usually comes in fine. However, sometimes it comes in with cropping handles. When this happens:
    1. The graphic cannot be re-sized or cropped.
    2. The graphics are line diagrams created in Corel Draw, exported as wmf's and the individual graphic elements within the graphic can be selected, resized, edited and deleted.
    3. When this type of file is present, it noticeably inflates the size of the Word file.

    A graphic can be inserted and will appear the normal way. The same graphic can be inserted in the file a second time and will appear with the strange effects described above and attached.

    If anyone has any idea what's going on, I'd be happy to hear.

    Thanks very much,

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