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Thread: Future features

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    Future features

    (A wish list)

    From Microsoft sources alone, the average userís font collection is substantial, and with all of the other improvements in handling modest tasks, it seems high time for Microsoft to include some form of font manager. As it stands, you can view the fonts in strictly alphabetical order, you can make them active or inactive if, you can view the character set, and thatís the limit.

    What many users would appreciate is to be able to sort fonts into groups that make some sort of non-alphabetical sense, and with personalization available if they are pre-grouped. I think this is long overdue, and I wish Microsoft would devise something to allow it as a part of Windows.

    What many users donít know and arenít told is that the font list changes from version to version and according to their installed programs, and unless they have brought along their font folder from their previous setup they may learn too late that they have lost valued and valuable fonts. If they have their old installation disks they will still have the fonts, but much can get lost in the shuffle. Beesknees was a hit for me with one project, I noted someone frantically searching online for Matisse, and if you adopted the Baskerville MT family as a signature font, well, itís long gone unless you have the relevant CD. (Incidentally, Microsoft had only three instances of Baskerville MT, when Britannica the same year had four.) Baskerville was the workhorse for generations of English-language books (at least in the ĎBritishí stuff Ė I donít know about The States), and I would treat it as an essential of any personal type library.

    All of the aforementioned fonts are TTF, not the OpenType TTF equivalents, which we would naturally prefer. Many of the fonts from the earlier versions and programs have been retained and improved upon, but if you work your way through the entire list at the Microsoft Typography site you may find yourself looking wildly around saying ĎI had that and used it Ė Where did it go?í You paid for it and now itís gone: Whose fault is it? If you used it in something you are likely to want it for again, or again and again, you want your font back. Microsoft presumably has licences for all of these published fonts, so why not provide greater access to the library?

    New fonts are always welcome, and now that Office has some typographic capability, it is unfortunate that only one font that can use all of its features.

    Over to you, Microsoft.

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    Have you posted this at]Windows 7 feedback[/url]?

    Windows Secrets is a Windows enthusiast site. There is no guarantee that anyone from Microsoft would ever see your post here.


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