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    Forms Registry (Outlook2000/Exchange 5.5)

    I have created several public folders at our site. We would like to use these folders as depositories for our Electronic forms. (we cannot use the organizational forms library because our agency does not control the folders at the top level).
    The problem is that most users cannot see the forms folders we have created when using the "File/new/choose form" menu in Outlook. Although they CAN see it if they drill down thorough the public folder index menu.
    If I place a .oft file in that same public folder and a user "double clicks that file, after that the user WILL see that forms folder as an option in the choose form" menu.
    Any ideas on how we can make these folders viewable by all users as a choice from their Outlook menu??

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    Re: Forms Registry (Outlook2000/Exchange 5.5)

    Hi Tim

    Whilst I don't have the specific answer you are looking for, I do have another solution for you to consider.

    Have you thought about assigning a macro to a button that will generate the form for the users straight off the toolbar and add some coding to publish it to the correct folder? We did this for one of our clients which was extremely successful and may be worth a thought if you haven't considered going down this path.


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