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    Importing vs. synching contact lists

    I currently use gmail and (powered by yahoo) email systems. I haven't found a way to sync my contact lists between these two systems (if you know of a way, PLEASE let me know!). For now, everyone tells me to just import one contact list to the other.

    I know importing is easy to do but I don't completely understand the process. It's my understanding that importing a contact lists is good for a one time movement of contacts from one email system to another. I don't know if it can be done on a continual basis, say monthly, creating a "forced" sync maintenance process. So before I mess up my two contact lists, I have several questions to ask.

    If I import one contact list to the another existing list:
    1. Does it create duplicate entries when the name/info is exactly the same between the two?
    2. Does it create two entires or overide existing data if something in the data isn't an exact mirror of the other (typo or different phone numbers, missing info in one?
    3. In all cases, will I have to do manual reviews to make sure the data is the same in both lists?.
    4. Since this is really a forced sync, my thinking is I'd have to perform an import from account A to B and then import again from B to A to get both in sync.

    Okay, I hope that was clear enough. Does anyone have the answers to the above?

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    Hi Stan, welcome to the Lounge.
    Everybody has their own way of doing things. Here's mine.
    All my contacts are stored in my Hotmail Account, but its not used, I use Windows Live Mail, part of Windows Live Essentials. I sign on WLM using my Hotmail Account, add my other accounts & delete Hotmail account. Now I have one contact list that can be used by all my accounts.
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