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    Driver Power State Failure

    I have three Win 7 pcs bought over the past few months to replace my XP pcs. I very much appreciate some of the new features, BUT I have had more BSODs already than I had through all my years of XP experience (first purchased the week after it was announced).

    Recently an HP All-in-One with Win XP and the included Symantec virus+ protection has taken on another life. [I took Symantec off of all of my XP pcs years ago as it caused more trouble than it cured, but hoped that it was now okay to use.] What happens is that, when I leave the pc on and alone for a whie, when I return is has a BSOD declaring a Driver Power State Failure. Forcing a reboot brings it up and working -- for a while. Then the error message reappears.

    I tried hp help last night. After waiting an hour for a response (there was one after 40 minutes, but this tech transferred me to another immediately) the tech had me run a freeware utility called WhoCrashed. The result was a probable indictment of C:\Windows\system32\ntoskml.exe . The descriptions was: "This bug check indicates that the driver is in an inconsistent or invalid power state. This appears to be a typical software driver bug and is not likely to be caudsed by a hardware problem. The crash took place in the Windows kernal. Possibly this problem is caused by another driver which cannot be identified at this time."

    The tech's solution was to have me backup my data and do a Windows reinstall; I did not do this. [He said I could do this from the D partition on the computer.]

    Recently Fred Lange described a process to reinstall Win 7 w/o losing the other programs and data. However, it says it repairs system files but not drivers (if I interpret it correctly). To make matters a bit more complicated, his process requires a Win 7 system disk; hp pcs come without a disk but with the installation info allegedly on the logical D drive.

    The reason I mentioned Symantec above is that the hp tech said "Most of the time it has been found that Stam2192, the driver causing the issue is the teefer2.sys which is a Symantec Endpoint Protection drive."

    Are there suggestions as to how to proceed? Any good ideas would be gratefully received.
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    You can download the Win 7 OS iso file including SP1 at DigitaL River. This will solve a part of your proble. Just right click the iso file and choose Burn Image to Disk. This will create a bootable Win 7 Disk with SP1 included. This DVD along with your valid key can be used utilizing Fred's method. (please note there are many different web sites with these files now)

    Once you complete this, look into Imaging for you system back up needs.
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