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    Can I use XP mode to open/run a DVD made for xp?

    Can I use XP mode to open/run a DVD on Win 7, but made for XP?
    If yes, can I also run same DVD on a 64 bit OS when package directions
    indicate it will only run on 32 bit OS. I don't want to purchase if there is no
    way to workaround.

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    You can either install/run a DVD from the virtual install of XP to install in XP, or install/run it from Win7 to install it in Win7. There is no sort of cross-over installation possible since both the host and guest OS maintain their own registry.
    Additionally, if it says it will only work on 32-bit, then it may indeed only be compatible with 32-bit. So it sounds like running it on XPMode is the workaround solution since that's 32-bit. Don't know for sure though since it depends on exactly what the software does.

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    Bud, Welcome to the Lounge. It's nice to see you here!

    I have found that most 32 Bit S/W will run on 64 Bit Win 7. I'm wondering if this is a 16 Bit app. What app are you looking at running? Are you planning on installing on PC or is it something that runs from the DVD? A little more info may go a long way to getting an answer that works for you.

    To use the actual XP Mode, your version of Win 7 must be Pro or higher (Pro, Enterprise or Ultimate) For Win 7 Home Premium you would need a different VM because XP Mode will not work. How To Geek shows a way to install a VM similar to XP Mode on Win 7 Home Premium as well.
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