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    Windows 7 All In One For Dummies

    I'm relatively new to this computer game (hard to believe?) and I'm finding it quite difficult to navigate my way around. I recently purchased "Windows 7 All In One For Dummies" which has been helpful to a point. My problem is my limited computer knowledge puts me in a position similar to a 1st grader who has been dropped into the 8th grade level for my first day of school. Can anyone recommend any other books that I can get or any other resources I can use to update myself? Thank you in advance!
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    Probably online resources that you can search for, should be a lot of free ones scattered around such as

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    I would also check some other sites for great tutorials on customizing your Win 7 experience.

    How To Geek offers hundreds of ways to customize your Win 7 experience, and fix some problems.

    Windows Seven Forum Tutorials Similar to How To Geek in slightly different format.

    Ultimate Windows Tweaker The name says it all.

    Check out these fine sites to make Win 7 your own and for help to understand how Win 7 works.
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    You don't need any books, a search engine will do nicely.
    Google: Windows 7, How to use
    Google: Windows 7, setup & installation
    Google: Everything about Windows 7

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    Do you know someone who is good with computers and knows his or her way around Windows 7? If so, ask that person to show you how to do some things. With the personal help, you can ask specific questions or tell that person you want to be able to do specific things and they can show that to you. This might be better than getting a book or reading online tutorials. And at times nothing can beat someone watching over your shoulder as you do something and then helping you when something goes wrong.

    The problem with most books and online tutorials is that they often assume a very specific configuration, and if yours is not like that, at some point you end up getting lost because what they say you will see isn't what you are seeing. Or their instructions are not very clear and then you end up getting lost. Or something just goes wrong and things don't work the way the tutorial says they should. On the other hand, if you have a personal tutor, they can help you around such situations.

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