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    ACCESS 2000 running on Windows 7?


    Can Access 2000 run on Windows 7?

    I'm thinking of a new desktop with Win7 and need to know if Access 2000 can be used.

    The problem is that my database has quite a few VB modules which precludes me using Open Source & I don't have the time now to re-write the code.

    If Access 200 can't be used, can the VB, Forms, Reports be ported over to the latest (and expensive) Access?

    Thanks in advance

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    I have not tried to use Access 2000 under Win 7. Googling on this subject yields mixed results.
    One article I read says that Office 2000 does not run under Win 7, although you may get it to work using Compatability Mode. Read more in this thread.

    However, if you install a newer version of Access, you can still use the existing database in mdb format. So no porting is required. You just open it as you currently do. It is possible there might be some initial issues, but they should be all fixable..e.g. References.

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    Yes you can use Access 200-2003 on Windows 7 32/64 bit.

    I have 100+ workstation I support running Windows 7 32/64 with Access 2003 runtime just fine.

    I would make sure to get Windows 7 Pro or higher. This comes with a FREE Windows XP license. If your Access 2000 database does not work well under Windows 7 then you can install Access 2000 in XP mode. Then you can run your Access database in Windows XP.

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