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    My experience installing Win 8 DP - Two Methods

    I successfully installed Win 8 DP using 2 different methods. I will attempt to summarize each method for other than may wish to follow either installation path. Be advised that my original active OS is Win 7 Ultimate 64 Bit.

    Method 1: Install in a separate partition

    1) Use either Win 7 Disk Manager or a 3rd party partitioning app to re-size the Win 7 partition and reduce it's size. I chose approx. 50 GB. There are many sites to explain how to do this. I will not get into this here. This re-size will leave unallocated space on your HD equal to the size of the reduction.

    2) Download theWin 8 DP iso file from the Win 8 Dev Center.

    3) Burn the iso file to a DVD or Flash Drive. Right click the iso file and choose Burn Image to disk. The method to burn to a flash drive can be found in a Google search.

    4) Insert your DVD or flash drive and boot to it (you may have to go into your Bios and change the boot order so the device you wish to boot from is in the first boot position.)

    5)The Win 8 DP installer will commence the installation. You will have to choose your keyboard and language options, then choose Clean Install. Here you will see all the HD's and unallocated space. Choose the unallocated space and begin the install.

    6) Let the installer finish, then go through the initial settings.

    7) Once your PC reboots, you can choose which OS is the default OS. If you choose Win 7, when you start you will see the Win 7 boot loader (The very familiar screen) showing both Win 7 and Win 8 DP. If you choose Win 8 DP you will see the new Win 8 DP boot loader listing both OS's.

    Have fun with your new dual booted Win 7 / Win 8 DP

    Method 2: Install in a Virtual Machine (VM)

    1) Choose the VM you wish to use. I choseVirtual Box by Oracle. Install the VM directly into Win 7.

    2) Start the VM and follow the setup rules for that VM (I will not go through this procedure here)

    3) There are 2 ways of installing Win 8 DP

    a) While the VM is running insert the DVD you burned using the method in steps 2 and 3 of Method 1 into your DVD drive and begin the installation. Follow steps 5, 6 and 7 in Method 1

    b) Follow this article to install Win 8 DP directly from the downloaded iso file without buring a DVD.

    4) Follow instructions from the VM to start and use Win 8 DP.

    I have not gotten too in depth here. My point is to attempt to lay out the major steps that will get your Win 8 DP up and running. You will have to investigate customizing your installation.

    I hope these instructions help someone out there. Cheers, Ted (2 mug morning)
    Have a Great Day! Ted

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    For anyone who is thinking about installing Win8 in a VM. It is NOT compatible with Windows Virtual PC or Virtual PC 2007. In the Microsoft virtualization world it is only compatible with Hyper-V currently.


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