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    Expression 636 w/ Windows 2000

    I'm fretting trying to get an Epson Expression 636 scanner working with Windows 2000. When I launch the scanner utility and then go to Acquire, I get a message telling me that the scanner is not ready, and that I need to check to make sure it's turned on. THE SCANNER IS TURNED ON. When I click okay to that message, I get another message telling me that an error has occurred in Epson Twain. Can someone offer me a walk-through that will allow me to get this "garbage" working (so I don't waste any more hours of my time)?

    It's extremely important that I get this thing going. I'm on a tight deadline. Can someone PLEASE help.


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    Re: Expression 636 w/ Windows 2000

    <A target="_blank" HREF=>This</A> may help.

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