Using WinXP SP3 with IE8.0 and DSL. ATT Yahoo email lets you stay signed in for two weeks before asking you to sign in again if you check the “Keep me signed in” box. So, my sister has a shortcut on her desktop that takes her directly to her inbox. Suddenly, that shortcut no longer works and we have to sign in every time we check the email. ATT tech support could not resolve the issue, even after setting Privacy to the lowest level to accept all cookies and disabling Norton 360. They said the problem was on her computer. So, we then went to check another site that keeps us signed in all the time and then signed off. Then we went back to that site, signed in, checked the “Keep me signed in” box, created a new shortcut and then signed out. But now we have to sign in every time at that site as well. The “Keep me signed in” box is not working. Looks like a cookie problem. (The computer is clean from temp files and the old cookies.) Can you help? Robert