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    Mail Merge Mulltiple records per letter office 2007 and comatibility mode


    I have a letter to be sent out to landlords about properties they own, Each landlord owns more than one property and I would like the properties listed in 1 letter per landlord.

    For example;

    Landlord Address

    Dear [Landlord]

    You currently are responsible for:

    "Property 1"
    "property 2"

    Please contact me to confirm this is still the case

    I have done a bit of research and know I have to do a directory and use IF and Set fields and insert merge Fields from the Field option rather than the the usual Insert merge fields, also to copy it on page 2.

    However from the links I have seem I can't seem to make much sense of it or get it to work!
    1. the documents / spreadsheet are in compatibility mode - should they be converted?
    2. The way our letters are set out is we have a table for the header of the doc our address in column 2, the addresses in column 1 - will this cause problems - I couldn't drag the } over the border
    3. I get the {If \*MergeFormat on all the codes is this correct?
    4. How can i add some text in the middle of the merge letter

    Any help greatly appreciated


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    Hi Michelle,

    You can use Word's Catalogue/Directory Mailmerge facility for this (the terminology depends on the Word version). To see how to do so with any mailmerge data source supported by Word, check out my Microsoft Word Catalogue/Directory Mailmerge Tutorial at:
    Do read the tutorial before trying to use the mailmerge document included with it.

    As for the \*MergeFormat switches, they're generally of no help at all and serve only to add clutter.

    Paul Edstein
    [MS MVP - Word]

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