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    Jean Driscoll

    Clipart (Microsoft Publisher 2000)

    I'm having trouble inserting pictures from Microsoft clipart. I have Office 2000 loaded on my computer. When I bring up all of the various clip art pictures, and then find the one I want and then click on insert, I often get a message telling me to insert the 98 disk. Apparently, the 98 pictures are still there. I would have thought that by loading Office 2000, it would have overwritten and replaced the old pictures. The only pictures I can actually insert are the 2000 pictures, since without the 98 disk, it won't let you insert the old pictures. However, you don't know which picture is an old one until you try to insert it and you get the message telling you to insert the 98 disk. Since I don't have the 98 disk, and can't seem to find one to purchase, I would rather the 98 pictures not come up at all. There's no use having them come up if I can't insert them. I would just as soon delete all of the 98 pictures at once, but I can't figure out how to do that either. If I bring up an old picture, and get the message telling me to insert the 98 disk, it gives you the option of deleting that specific picture at that time. I don't want to try to delete each picture one by one. Is there a way to delete all of the 98 pictures at once? And why are they even showing up in the first place, since Office 2000 was loaded?

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    Re: Clipart (Microsoft Publisher 2000)

    Have you tried to completely uninstall 98 and then reinstall 2000? I had the same problem and that 's how I took care of it.

    Hope this helps!

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