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    Silverlight on Mac OS X Lion

    I switched to Comcast TV and Internet last week. Tonight I tried to watch a TV show on my Macbook that runs on OS X Lion. The Comcast page told me I need to install Silverlight. I'd always thought Silverlight is a Microsoft product, so I just assumed Silverlight is for Windows. The only thing I've found with a search is something about how to UNinstall Silverlight from a Mac with Lion. What's the smart money say? Do Mac Lion and Silverlight play nice together ... yet? Should I wait a while before I jump into watching Comcast TV on the Mac, or throw caution to the wind?
    Last edited by Caesar3; 2011-10-09 at 17:33. Reason: Got my answer from Comcast's user forums, installed Silverlight, and all ended well.

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    I used Silverlight when I had Snow Leopard it was to watch an NCAA basketball mens finals DIV II. I had to get the plugin for the video to work and watch the game. I have updated to Lion but have not used the plugin it may well need an update.
    You can find this at the MS site.

    Lou Cioccio

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