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    Automated document version numbers?

    I'm looking for a way to automate changes to version numbers in docx files. Ideally I'd like to have major and minor version control (version 1.0, 1.1, 1.2...) but a simple integer would be good enough.

    A document's version number is maintained by a version control system (similar in this respect to CVS or Subversion). What I have in mind is some sort of API that Word can use to communicate with the version control server, so that when it checks out a document it is told what version it's getting. The version number can then appear in the document, displayed by a field, for example.

    I can figure out ways to do this. What I want to know is whether someone has already done it. I want to look at others' implementations and learn from them.

    One piece of information for background: the version control system is our own product (actually, part of a much larger product). Thus, "so-and-so did that with Subversion" is a relevant response, but "use Subversion with so-and-so's add-on" is not!

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    I would recommend also posting your question at You will reach more people with API use.
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    If you use you API approach to update a Document Property, you can refer to it from within a page header/footer so it gets displayed on every page. I use this for draft versions (using the built-in "Comments" property) and when I need to produce a final without the versioning info, I just delete the content of Comments to make the reference disappear in a final print.

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