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    Connecting Access 2003 to SQL Server

    I've had an Access 2003 ADE connecting to SQL Server for quite some time, but it recently stopped working. I get this message: "430 - Class does not support Automation or does not support expected interface."

    After much trial and error I have determined the statement is issued when I try to execute
    set conn = CurrentDB.Connection

    where conn is defined as
    dim conn as new ADODB.Connection

    This has worked for years, and now I get this message. What I do know is that the result varies with the Windows environment. The program works fine on Windows 7 boxes, but I get that error message on both Windows XP boxes and a Windows Server 8 box used for Citrix. Apparently the problem is not the program code but the environment, somehow. What can you suggest as to why it does this, or how to fix it? I appreciate any suggestions you can make, short of switching everything to Windows 7. I've already thought of that, and it won't fly upstairs.

    Dale Napier

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    Is it possible that you have a reference to ADO that can't be resolved on the systems giving an error? If your development environment has moved to Win7, and that's where you compile the ADE, the older systems may not be able to resolve the reference. Try putting an ADP on one of the boxes that fail and see if you get a missing reference in VBA.

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    I am a bit late to this thread.....

    But you could try the line below, although it sounds like a library issue.

    set conn = CurrentProject.Connection

    There is a bug on Windows 7 with SP1 and the connection object.
    When the project is compiled as far as I know, the connection object gets compiled to a different data type.
    So if then run on XP it fails. I have had this issue turning up ever since Windows 7 SP1.
    However, the message with this issue is normally a Mismatch error, so it may not be related to your situation.

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