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    Foreign characters

    Last week I exported a PDF to Microsoft Word. The document had front and back covers, which I needed to remove. The covers included text and graphic elements. Getting rid of the pictures was simple. The text was another matter. I found many frames that contained some text and a lot of what appeared to be nothing but spaces.

    The most fascinating discovery, however, was a frame that contained these foreign characters. I suspect they're Chinese. I ran them through Google's translator and got "bowl Zuizhuihepan." OK ... that means nothing to me. The PDF started out as a Word 2007 document, but our publishing staff used Adobe Pagemaker to create the PDF that I later converted back to Word. (I used Adobe Acrobat 9 to do the work.) I asked our publishing supervisor if he had any idea why these characters appeared, but he was as surprise as I was. Anybody got any ideas?


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    Conversion from pdf to Word involves optical character recognition. It is the exception rather than the rule to get a document without weird artifacts. A different conversion program would likely produce different results. Frames can be very problematic (and are used extensively in Pagemaker).

    Check the language settings for each paragraph using Shift-F1.
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