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    ClipArt Galery pic images missing (Win98 / Office2000)

    Historically the ClipArt gallery worked fine displaying (~10,000) images in appropriate folders and the 'Search for clips..' feature found images.

    Now ~95% of the ClipArt Galery pic images are missing in folders. Search feature does not yield images with prior successful words. Message 'No pics found that match your search criteria.'

    Used ClipArt troubleshooting suggestion to rename or delete artgal50.mmc files. I initially renamed, then deleted all artgal50 files and folders. NO MATTER WHAT I DO ClipArt gallery still opens with the same corrupt gallery. HELP, I'm circling the drain on this one!

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    Re: ClipArt Galery pic images missing (Win98 / Office2000)

    I'm not sure that this will help, but have you checked Tools/Options/File Locations tab & made sure that Word is looking in the right place for clipart?

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