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    IE 9 versus Google Chrome 14 Ad Blocking

    During a discussion in the Feedback Forum, Questions and Announcements forum I had the opportunity to compare ad blocking between IE 9 and Google Chrome 14 with Ad Block Plus ad on (extension in Chrome). See my results (very unscientific) in this thread, post # 35.

    This seems to be a very good endorsement for Ad Block Plus.
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    'Simple Adblock' does a good job of blocking ads on IE9. A hosts file or the addition of some Tracking Protection Lists can also help. Simple Adblock isn't a free program any more unfortunately but if IE9 is the preferred browser, it might still be worth considering.

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    I don't bother with ad blocking programs. They don't seem to speed up page display and as long as the ads are unobtrusive, I don't mind them since they pay the bills for many web sites including Windows secrets. Having ads on a web page is a small price to pay for free access. If everybody blocked ads, many of the free sites would disappear.
    The sites that really bother me are the ones that automatically play a sound file or a video with sound.....


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    I don't bother blocking either...I've helped out some users where they don't know what to click on because there seems to be all sorts of options...and I realize I don't even see about 90% of the stuff they do...its like my eyes define rectangles, borders and margins where ads lurk and they are automatically filtered out...couldn't tell you who was supporting a website if my life depended on it!....scrolling up... ah! Just Answer!! First time I've seen it.

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