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    Getting Andy Pope's Ribbon Customiser to work in Word 2010

    Hi there. I want to customise the ribbon in Word 2010. I've downloaded Andy Pope's ribbon customisation tool, BUT while I can get it to work in Excel, I can't bring it up in Word 2010.

    When I go into it in Excel, there is an option under Designer that gives me the choice of various Windows applications (including Word). I can select Word but I can't work out what to do with the screen (see the screen shot). I can't help but feel there's a very easy solution out there.Andy pope screen shot 1.png

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    Hi Niki,

    There's a lot of information on Andy's site ( about how to use it. If you can't make it out from the posted info, try asking Andy himself. He has a contact me link on his site ( and responds to support questions just like this.

    Best, Kim

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    You can't actually use this tool from within Word (nor PowerPoint) - it's only hosted within Excel - but you can use it to make changes to the Ribbon in Word or PowerPoint, from Excel.

    Are you trying to make customizations to the Ribbon that will always be available in Word, or only when working in documents based on a specific template?
    - There are slightly different steps required, depending on which of these two things you need to do. I don't have access to this tool at my present location, but if memory serves, you use the 'Load Ribbon X' option to modify the Ribbon in relation to a specific template (after navigating to that template - also you need to ensure that the template isn't presently open), whereas to make modifications that will always be available in Word, use the option under "Office Application". Make the modifications in the ensuing dialog (like the one in your screen shot), and then click on the Save button. Close out of the Ribbon designer and open Word, and the changes you made should be there.


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