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    Stop Word 2010 tables from Breaking Across Pages

    When making Word tables in word 2010, to stop rows breaking across pages I have been using the right click context menu, Table properties> row tab then unchecking the option for "allow row to break across page".

    Is there a way to make this the default action whenever I create a new table.

    I have tried to make a table style that has this option enabled but when I apply it to a table it makes unwanted changes to the formatting.

    I've also been through the word options and found nothing


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    You can add that setting to your default table style, which, unless you have changed it, is Table Grid.

    For changing the default table style for a particular document: From within a new table, go to the Table Design tab and right click on the table icon with a halo around it. If you hover over it the name of the style will appear. Right click and choose Modify table style. Make sure that the choice after Apply formatting for: is Whole table. The table properties dialog should look familiar to you.

    For changing the default table style for a template, including normal: Open the template and modify the default style there. All new documents based on the template will be affected.


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    Hover the mouse over the first column of a table until you see a downward pointing arrow. Click to select the first column. Then apply Keep Lines Together. This will keep the table from breaking across pages.

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