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    (Today's Date minus six) in table (Word '97)


    All I want to do is put a field into a table in Word which takes the current system date minus six days.

    I've tried every which way including putting it in as a calculated field, as a formula from the Table pull-down menu and creating the formula in Excel ("=Now()-6") and cut 'n' pasting it into the document. No luck all round. Did it fine in Excel, but no luck in Word.

    I've tried asking the cat (Scribble) but all she does is mislead me and just sits there with her flicky-flicky tail.

    Can anyone help me out please??

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    Re: (Today's Date minus six) in table (Word '97)

    See this <A target="_blank" HREF= w=expanded&sb=5&o=0&fpart=>thread</A>

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