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    Windows Phone 7.5: Evolution, Part 1


    Windows Phone 7.5: Evolution, Part 1

    By Chris Murray

    Nearly a year after the initial release of Windows Phone 7, Microsoft unleashed the first major update to its mobile operating system: Windows Phone 7.5 — code-named Mango.

    This update has an extraordinary number of promises to keep. Can it deliver?

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    It's great to see MS putting real energy into getting the phone OS right. However, until they can deliver an app store that can come close to Apple's, it's all moot. I don't mind leaving my iPhone behind for a better phone, but I won't if the apps are there. I no longer just use a phone for checking on email twitter calendar and contacts. It's about the huge array of apps available on the Apple platform, and the integration of those with the iPad and Mac itself. Windows doesn't just have a ways to go, it has a long ways to go.

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