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    Enter user name and password (not remembed in OE6)

    I did a search on this and nothing popped up. Maybe I did it wrong? Newly registered here. Anyway, when I am on Outlook Express ver 6 on my XP Desktop I get a pop up window saying to 'enter user name and password'. I do and a minute later it again appears? And again. I cannot retrieve new emails. So, I logged into the Laptop Win 7
    and got the same message. However, that seemed to 'take'. Email for LIVE now works fine. Any idea what is going on? I saw one site that wanted me to alter registry settings,, not keen on doing that! Unless absolutely necessary.

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    First, I'll slide this over to the Outlook Express forum.

    Second, there have been past discussions about the part of the registry that stores your email password becoming corrupted. Microsoft has a support article about that problem here: Save password setting not retained in Outlook or Outlook Express.

    (Just realized the Outlook Express forum was combined with the non-Microsoft mail forum here, so more difficult to find than it used to be...)
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