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Thread: Hirens Boot CD

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    Post Hiren's Boot CD

    I have used Hiren's CD (and DVD) for years. It can be a lifesaver!

    It's an XP / Linux based boot CD. You can unzip and then burn the ISO file to a CD, or to a thumb-drive (you need some other tools if you want the thumb-drive to be a multi-boot drive, like adding a version of Linux, such as Ubuntu.

    You may or may not be able to boot from your thumb-drive, though. It depends on your BIOS and USB controller combination.

    Hiren's can boot to a mini Windows XP desktop, and then you can use its Menu, or its version of Windows Explorer, to explore the tons of tools on the CD, and that can be overwhelming to many people.

    The DVD version is even far more overwhelming, an overkill in most situations, and the download is over 2GB (as opposed to the CD version, which is about one fourth the size of the DVD version).

    Many, if not all, of the tools on the CD (or DVD) are the portable type, no installation required. Therefore, you can use a utility to open the ISO file, extract the tool(s) you want, and run it without booting from Hiren's.
    These tools and utilities are generally available freely at various web locations, but collecting them individually would be a formidable task.

    Here is a direct link to the latest Hiren's CD (zip file):

    Or here, if the above link is rejected by the forum's SW:

    As always, use common sense, make sure you scan anything and everything you download for viruses, malware, hijackers, etc.

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    I agree wholeheartedly with sh10453s comments.

    I downloaded and burnt the latest version of Hirens Boot CD only a couple of weeks ago its come a long way and is now much more user friendly a very useful tool.

    For simplicity, burn it slowly as an ISO and make sure you finalise the CD-r (assuming there is an optical drive in the machine its to be used on). Far and away the most foolproof iso burner available is BurnCDCC Free difficult to go wrong, all it does is burn iso!

    BurnCDCC Free
    Click here and wait for the grey Save box:

    Cheers, Chris
    Remember rule #1: If it ain't broke, don't fix it!

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    Built my first computer in 1978 - in the days when you had to hand-solder in all the components
    and 16k RAM was considered extravagant!

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    Been using Hiren CD since my boss introduced it to me back around 2007 (was repairing PCs then). I don't believe I have the latest but I did download it a few months back. Did not know there was a DVD version (way out of the loop now; lol). Highly recommend this tool if you are going to be serious about computer repair.

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    Looks like everything on the CD is freeware or shareware and I am thinking Hiren's Boot DVD 15.2 Restored Edition has non freeware 'restored'. I did not actually visit any of the sites offering it. They seemed a bit questionable though WOT seemed to like most of them.

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