Here is the situation. I (and a few co-workers) are currently working in a building distant from our company network. We use an ISDN dialup link to stay in touch. All our email is sent to the main company server (running exchange server I believe), and is auto forwarded (using the out-of-office assistant) to the email accounts we have with the ISP who provides the connection.

There are three options for how the message is forwarded, but none of them sends the message in a non-mangled way.

The best option, I think, is to forward the email as an attachement to an otherwise empty message. I have developed a macro to automatically detach these, and post them into the InBox, marked unread.

The problem I have is getting Outlook to autorun this macro on the new mail when it arrives. Is it possible?

There might be a better way, please let me know if there is...