My mother still uses Win95 as some of her apps won't run on XP much less W7

Of course you can't buy a new printer that supports W95, so when her printer died I tried to set up a Brother HL5250DN that somebody gave me.

When I tried to print a test page standalone, it gave a "needs toner" message and refused to print, so I put in a new cartridge (which are not cheap) and now get a different error.

The manual decodes it as "need to replace drum or pages may streak" but instead of streaky pages I get none at all.

Most printers with a bad cartridge will just print poor quality but this won't print at all.

Hopefully somebody out there has years of experience with these and can tell me:

* Is the drum likely bad or is there just some hidden switch to reset?

* Will a new drum help or does the failure to print mean some more serious problem?