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    Changing the mail merge Dataform in word 97

    The IT guy at work quit and I am trying to figure out how he created our lease forms. We use mail merge. We open the main doc and go to mail merge, , get data, edit. This brings up a data form that we click "add new" and fill in our information, i. e. lessor, lessee, start date, end date. we, then mail merge 46 to 46, say, and print out our lease. We rarely do multiples lease at a time. I need to to make changes in the document. I have tried to start from scratch... and I can get the in an excel data base, but this makes it hard to work on one lease at a time. It looks like the original database was created in word as the extension is .doc. How do I make it so that a data form comes up that we can edit? I have tried to add and remove fields but it only lets me add 2 extra fields whethor or not I have deleted the basic mail merge options. I have searched the web, but all the help I can find is the basic mail merge tutorials. Is there any one who can lead me in the right direction?

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    See Creating a Mail Merge Data Source by Beth Melton on the Word MVP site.

    See Mail Merge for a good primer on Word 97-2003 mail merge procedures including how to build an input form in Word.
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