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    Windows Library

    Win 7 Library is driving me up a wall. In XP I had, for example, My Photos, My files and My Documents. I transferred them to Win 7. Now when I access a new file and wish to save it in one of the above files it doesn't always go there and it is very difficult to determine exactly where it is. I may find it when I do a search but still don't know where it's stored.
    What am I doing wrong?

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    Moved this thread from the Forum Feedback section to Windows 7 section - you should get better help by having your question here.

    When you do a "Save As", you are given options for the location you want to save in. It will typically default to one of your libraries - documents, music, pictures, or videos depending on which application you are using.

    You have a couple options. The easiest is selecting My Documents, My Pictures, or whichever you want in the "Save As" dialog box. Another option is changing the default save location in the program - that can be done from the preferences/options page. Finally, you could also open up Windows Explorer and right click on the name of the library and select properties. This will give you options for which folders are included in the library, and for example, you could set the Documents library to only save things in the My Documents folder. The libraries can be configured to include any folders you wish.
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    You aren't doing anything wrong, Microsoft designed it that way, as if anyone using W7 was only using W7 systems. If left to the defaults it always goes to library and in library it either goes to your user account documents folders or to the Public user accounts folders. If you see a little line that says Includes: ## locations, you can click on ##locations and it brings up a little window that displays what folders are included in the library and which set is the default save location.
    In that window you will probably see Public documents and My Documents as the two locations and there you can highlight Public documents and remove it from the listing. Then there should only be the one location where all your files get saved, the traditional Photos and Documents folders you are accustomed to, albeit they are now listed under Users and not Documents and Settings.
    Hope that helps.

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    The Libraries are not the folders that the files are stored in. The Libraries are an area that contains pointers to the folders the data actually reside in as Infinicore suggests the default folders for this data is C:/Users/"User name"/"Your Folders"

    People often set up folders in many different parts of their PC's for different uses or projects, whatever. The Libraries are a place to add pointers to these various folders in one place in an attempt to make the data from various places easier to find. In a simple setup such as most of us have, the Libraries just add a level of confusion until you realize the actual data does not reside in the Library, a pointer to the data is all that is included in the Library.

    A Google Search has links to many sites explaining Libraries in more detail. You might want to read some of these.
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