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    Datatbase Query relation to Report Form

    I have a database that tracks attendees to a workshop. There are many yes and no fields that require to be counted. I have a query that pulls that data and a report form that uses dcount to seperate criteria. This is the dcount =DCount("*","TAP stats Loc Query","[TAP stats Loc Query]![RETIREE]='N' AND [TAP stats Loc Query]![SERVICE]='USMC' AND [TAP stats Loc Query]![# days before TAP] <90 AND [TAP stats Loc Query]![SPOUSE]='N' AND [TAP stats Loc Query]![RESERVE]='N' AND [TAP stats Loc Query]![SEP_CAT]='VOL'"). This works fine now but as soon as I put a between statement in the query to seperate a start and stop date and location I get an #error in the counting field in th report form. I have been using between statement Between [Enter Starting Date yyyy-mm-dd] And [Enter Ending Date yyyy-mm-dd] for the start date field and [Enter Location] in the location field of query. The yes and no are set up a text fields so they can be conted in the dcount as y or no. Thanks for your help
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    You can't have a prompt for start and end dates when you use a query for DCounts. Instead the query needs to take those dates from text boxes on a form, that would need to be open when you run the report.

    Something like:

    Between [Forms]![frmLaunchReport]![txtStartDate] and [Forms]![frmLaunchReport]![txtEndDate]

    where the form is called frmlaunchReport and txtStartDate and txtEnddate are two text boxes on the form formatted as dates.

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