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    How to open a .tif file

    I could not tell which section to ask this, but I got the files as email attachment. I have been sent two attachments with some important data .tif files. When I clcked on the attachments to open them, I got a message saying there was no association for this type of file, and I should go to the folder options control panel and create an association. I do not know how to find the folder options control panel or how to create an association. I have Win XP and Outlook Express.

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    What this means is there is no application on your computer which has been set up to handle .tif files.

    Normally that would be Windows Picture and Fax Viewer, I believe, but clearly not so in your case.

    What you might do is install Irfanview, which is a free and versatile image viewer and manipulator. When it is installed it will be set up as the program to use for handling .tif and other common image file formats.

    You can download it here:


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    More info to be found here
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    Hi asteven1,

    There are several ways to restore Windows Picture and Fax Viewer as the default opener for .tif

    1.Find a .tif file on your computer -do a search. Right click this file and choose Open With.
    In the resulting panel select WP&FV - tick the box that says "Always use the selected program....
    Click OK.

    2.You can also do it via Properties. Right-click the .tif file and select Properties.
    Check what it says about the program it opens with.If not assigned or the wrong program,
    click Change and you'll get the same panel as in 1.) The procedure is the same too.

    3.You can also go via Control panel > Folder Options > File Types.
    Select TIF file in the list. Check what it says under Details for "TIF" extension.
    If not assigned or the wrong program ,click Change or Restore (Restore will bring it back to Windows
    default if the WP&FV file is not corrupt)

    4.If the above is not effective you can uninstall the WP&FV this way:
    If you want to reinstall the Windows Picture and Fax Viewer program, try the following.
    1. Click on Start - Run and then type : regsvr32 /u %windir%\system32\shimgvw.dll.
    (That uninstalls it)
    2. Once you have done that, then again, Click on Start - Run and type:
    regsvr32 /i %windir%\system32\shimgvw.dll.
    This will reinstall Picture and Fax viewer.

    Once WP&FV is set as default, tif files should open from Outlook Express.


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    Just a thought:

    Typically, .tif files are the result when something is scanned. Those files are HUGE and are usually not satisfactory for sending via email.

    If they are pulled up in any Graphics program, they can be saved as a .jpg file, taking up MUCH less space.

    There are many Graphics programs in use today, but after trying several of the most popular ones, I finally found "Photo Filtre" to be faster and easier to use.

    Usually, when you install any Graphics program, the program will take over the Association for all graphic file types.

    Good Luck,
    The Doctor
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