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    Ext. HD problem-- confused about cables

    I have a Fantom Ext. HD. Works great for assorted tasks. Recently, I started having problems. It would reboot or the computer would suddenly not recognize the drive. Anyway, it is clear that the problem is at the end of the cable that plugs into the HD (I think it might be called an A/B port or something; the other end goes to my computer USB port). I can jiggle that end and recreate the problem. It could be the cable but I suspect it the the part of the HD that the cable plugs into.

    Anyway, the HD also has a eSATA port. Is there a cable that goes from the eSATA port directly into the computer USB port? If so, it seems that would be the solution. But when I google for this information, I get very confused as they talk about adapters and USB/eSATA ports, etc.

    Can someone suggest a specific cable (a link would help) at a reasonable price?

    (Also, would that solve my problem?)


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    Quote Originally Posted by compiler View Post
    Can someone suggest a specific cable (a link would help) at a reasonable price?

    Hello... Have a read at this link ...I think that it explains it ... eSATA to USB not sure of your price range ..but it's a start Regards Fred
    PS: They also have a "Technical Help" line.Help
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    If this is a desktop with a free SATA port and you're comfortable removing the access cover, you could get a eSATA to SATA adapter card that goes in an open PCI slot (but doesn't actually occupy a slot...just has a SATA cable coming off the back).
    Since it looks like you have to purchase an eSATA data cable anyway, and an eSATA to SATA adapter can be gotten as cheaply or cheaper than a eSATA to USB adapter. You would nearly double your data thruput keeping it all eSATA-SATA. If you're using USB 3 then it doesn't matter as the USB 3 port will not bottleneck your data flow as USB 2 will.

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