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    file problem- can't open (PowerPoint 2000)

    Working on a large slideshow, with about 100 photos. Closed the file then tried to open it later, and the program freezes without opening the .ppt file. No error messages show up, and no autosave file is created. Is there a limit to file size that Powerpoint can handle? This file shows as 172MB in Win Explorer, and my computer has 128 MB RAM (Win 98SE).

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    Re: file problem- can't open (PowerPoint 2000)

    Did you have Auto Recover turned on? <Tools/Options/Save>

    If you closed Ppt before saving the Auto Recover file, then the file is toast. Nasty, I agree and a bane of everyone's life since day 1 and a major impetus to hit the Ctrl-S key very often!

    There is no listed limit to a Ppt file size, although 172Mb is a bit hefty, for sure. Did you optimize all those images and get their filesize down as low as possible? 128 Mb RAM may possibly not be sufficient, but also important, what is the free space on the hard drive? Ppt writes big temp files. My other concern would be Win SE, but that's a whole other story.

    You can try opening the file from Explorer rather than from within Ppt. You can also open a blank presso and try importing the suspect one.

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