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    Seagate Dashbord

    This is not a plea for help, just a rant on the Seagate Dashboard I purchased. I bought a Seagate external bu drive sometime ago. It never did work, and I got no responses from Seagates support line. I threw the back-up away.

    A couple of months later, I went to my ISP and asked for the best, easiest to install external drive. I left with a Seagate Dashboard. I installed the thing, and found I had installed something called Memeo that had a free trial period. I did not see anything that lead me to understand I needed to spend more money for another program. I could not disable the free program and never was sure if the back-up drive was working. The free trial is over, I think the Memeo is gone and I still do not know if the external drive works. I do not know if the information that was supposed to be saved during the free trial of the spam program was saved, or because I did not avail myself of the free progam, that information is gone. Of course, the on-line help program is not programmed to answer questions like "How do I know if the external drive is working?"

    The reason I do not think the drive works is I get a message, "Please connect your drive to continue"
    At the bottom of the screen is a box that is checked "Display Seagate Dashboard when the drive is attched" The Seagate icon is displayed. I still do not know if the thing works, nor do I know how to test the thing to see if it works.

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    I don't particularly care for backup software bundled with a drive, it's usually lower quality.
    I'll quite often format an external drive to remove such software.

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    Check Windows start-up to see whether Memeo software is included...

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