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    Thumbs up Online Safety: Why You Should Give Up Windows XP For Good

    You can read the whole article here;
    Problems cannot be solved by the same level of thinking that created them. -Albert Einsten

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    Gawd, they threw everything in there but dinosaur pictures. Looks like MS scareaganda.
    3 major releases old - and they show Win 8, a beta, as the current release. GMAB.
    Admittedly IE6 is toast, and MS security patches are ending soon, but that doesn't mean you can't keep XP secure for another couple years. Besides, the best security software is found between the ears.
    It was MS's choice not to make more secure IE versions compatible with XP - a marketing decision.
    If the XP box is doing the job and isn't compatible with newer versions, run it into the ground and then consider giving it a new lease on life with Linux.


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    It is a good point that ID-10-T users should be as secure as possible because they can become "carriers" that spread the malware, spam, DOS attacks, and that affects all of us on the Internet.

    However; male 24-49 demographic, single, does not suffer from E.D. (at least not yet!), not a church goer, hint hint, and in ten years of using XP have never been infected. I don't even use an active antivirus (slows a system down unacceptably and over time I'm pretty sure it can be a major factor in so called bit rot).
    Even if user-behavior didn't dwarf any so called factors of difference between the OSes, it would still be childishly easy to protect an otherwise natively defenseless OS that can run any number of virtual drive packages available (Returnil, DeepFreeze, SteadyState), in which case one is probably better protected by factors over a more secure OS (emphasis on more not secure).

    So its like I agree completely with the principle, but if one doesn't have s*** for brains, that difference is inconsequential.

    As for the rest of it, why would they compare what was available then as compared to now? Its ok for nostalgic purposes I guess but I'm running 2 VMs from a USB 3 dock on a 6 core XP host with PCIe N520GT graphics and its awesome when everything gets all cranked up...when third party hardware and software support wans and it feels like there's something missing, then it will be time to move on, but so far in using W7 and XP every day for almost two years now, I feel I would only miss XP dearly if I abandoned it; I could live without W7 though its nice too.
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    Quoted from the linked article comments:
    Weezyrider: However, I do have some specialty programs that run best on XP, so they are on separate boxes with NO ONLINE ACCESS. With no access, security is not a problem.

    This is the reason I have hung on to my old Dell XP machine.... almost as old as XP itself. It has sat here patiently with no online access waiting for me to need something, since last February. But occasionally I want to do something with it that I need online access for, so I just plugged in a new cable to my router, installed all the security and MS updates. I will, however, unplug it unless I am actually using it (keeping the updates current of course) and enjoy my old programs when I want them.


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