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    'Predictive' text in Excel; 'recognizing' previous data entries

    Hi all....I am not sure if this is the correct forum, but my question does apply to Excel usage. Often-times, I will be entering data manually and it will use some sort of 'predictive' text (after typing 2 or 3 letters) to anticipate the data being entered....this is a great feature (for the most part). However, there doesn't seem to be any consistency or rhythm to how or when it happens.......I don't want to use the Auto-Complete feature of OFFICE....I am content with this predictive text feature, but I am wondering if there is some way to have some control over it? Does how it works have anything to do with 'Iterations' in Excel? Is there some way to 'adjust' how quickly it 'turns on' or how many times you have to enter a word before Excel can predict its entry..??..??....does anyone have a link to more info about this feature? Thanks.

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    What you are speaking about is autocomplete. the value has to be in the column and it does not kick in until you enter enough to be unique in the column (so it can occur with one letter or require a dozen or more). Blank cells within the column can interfere with this feature.

    File - options - advanced
    check "Allow autocomplete for cell values".


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