Hi all,

I recently created a set of nested distribution lists for our group at work. The bottom level individual members were picked from the Exchange address book. The distribution lists work like a charm for me. So I was asked to share these with team leads within the group.

(This is at work, using Outlook 2007 with Exchange. I'm not an Exchange admin and have no clue about that side of our email system.)

Guess what? Only the bottom level distribution lists work for the people I've shared them with.

Team One
T1-Member 1
T1-Member 2
T1-Member etc
Team 2
T2-Section 1
T2-S1-Member 1
T2-S1-Member 2
T2-S1-Member etc
T2-Section 2
T2-S2-Member 1
T2-S2-Member 2
T2-S2-Member etc

is a distribution list.

In this example, if I send the whole set of DLs to some else, then if they try and send using Group or Team 2 then it fails. If they try sending using Team One or T2-Section1 then it works.

Does anyone else have any experience with this? Any workarounds, or do I have to get onto the Exchange admins and have something built by them?