I've had the same problem with both Word 2007 and Word 2010. I have a book length manuscript with over 600 citations. Periodically some (but not all) of the citations will change to read "Invalid Source Specified". And usually what has happened is that the source has disappeared from the "Current List" of citations. I have to go to "Manage Sources", find the correct source, and Copy it over into the current list. Then I can right click the citation, select "Update Field", and the citation will reappear.

I know that Word maintains the active citations in an XML file. It would appear that either Word is not saving all the sources into the "Current List", and is perhaps deleting some of them for reasons unknown. It seems to happen most often with newer sources, but not always. And although it usually happens with sources in the "Current List", it will every now and then happen to sources in both the "Master List" and the "Current List".

Any ideas on what is wrong, and how I can correct the problem?

Kristofer Carlson