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    Missing text box

    I have a multipage form, and somewhere there is a textbox labeled txtDate, however I can't find it. I can set its properties so that at runtime it shows up ( = 0) but if I am just using the VB editor I can't see it. Any ideas how I can find this textbox and ensure it stays visible so I can select it and then work with it within the VB editor?

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    It is probably down below the window bottom edge. Try dragging the form taller to see if you can spot it.

    Using the interface, you can select the textbox by using the Properties Window and select it from the dropdown listbox at the very top of this window (above the Alphabetic/Categorised tabs). Once it is selected, you can change its top property in this Window.
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    You've probably solved this because the thread is aging, but "multipage form" strikes a chord. Is the textbox ON a page or under the whole thing? Expand the form so there is space around the multipage control and using Andrew's suggestion, see if it appears.

    Worst case select it by name, copy it (ctrl C), select the form background, paste it (the copy should show up) then delete the old one and rename the new one.

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