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    Question network printer will print in color but won't from it's own computer

    I have an HP5600 printer that is networked between my computer and my spouse's computer. I can print on his printer from my computer in color but when he tries to print on his printer from his computer, it will only print in B/W. I have checked the settings and it is set to print in color (well, it's not set to print grayscale) but that should be obvious since I can print to his printer in color but he can't.

    What could possibly be wrong?

    Additionally, in some programs (e.g. Word2010) it won't print the color stuff at all, it's just blank, but in other programs it prints the color stuff in B/W.

    I'm stumped. I even changed the cartridge although I can't see why that would make a difference.


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    I would suspect the printer software must be screwed up on his PC. It might be worth re-installing the software. I would actually go to HP and download the latest software and drivers there.
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