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    Windows 7 (x86) crashes on wakeup

    About two weeks ago, my system started crashing after periods of inactivity. Maybe I should have figured out the cause sooner, but did "normal" stuff first, scanned for viruses, scanned the event logs, updated software, used system restore to go back to before the first crash - none of these worked or gave a clue. Finally dawned on me it seemed to be happening when system went to sleep. So, experimented a bit, and it wasn't going to sleep the caused the system to crash, it was waking up.
    System goes to sleep just fine, but when I attempt to wake up the machine, fan comes up, screen stays dark, and nothing happens. Only way to proceed is force power off, and then boot.

    I have not changed anything (except for today's experimentation) in the Powerscheme for ever. For reasons which now escape me, I had long, long time time done a "powercfg -hibernate off". Based on some other posts elsewhere, I reenabled this which reenabled hyrid sleep. Still have the problem.

    My temporary work around is to just disable sleep, but if anyone has a better idea, would appreciate it.

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    Have you had a look at Control Panel -> Performance Information and Tools -> Advanced Tools?
    Are there any performance issues related to resuming from sleep mode?

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