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    Macrium Reflect 5 Test Results

    I spent all of yesterday and part of this morning working with Macrium Reflect 5 and here are my results FWIW.

    Before I installed the Win 8 developer preview on my dual boot XP-Pro/Ubuntu machine I backed up both drives w/Macrium 5.0.4033.

    Yesterday I installed Macrium 5.0.4033 Free on the Win 8 DP. Upon running it offered to update which I accepted to 5.0.4094. This was accomplished as a patch vs a complete reinstall.

    I took an image of both drives again and verified the image w/o a problem.

    Next I tried to restore the original image. It would allow me to restore drive 1 but drive 2 complained about not enough space to restore. Upon attempting to boot the machine the GRUB boot loader failed so I couldn't get into XP or Ubuntu.

    Over the course of the rest of the day I restored the Win 8 partition, which always worked, then attempted to get the XP/Ubuntu setup to restore. I tried to use several different XP boot disks to reset the MBR so I could at least boot the XP partition but none of them would recognize the internal SATA drives in this machine. All-in-all I did between 4-5 restore operations from each of the two images.

    I finally realized that the problem was that I had repartitioned drive 2 and Macrium, unlike Acronis, will not reset the partitions. I did this with another boot disk, restored the image one partition at a time and viola it booted.

    So in summary, unlike other Lounge posters, I had no problem getting Macrium Reflect 5 Free to restore partitions, within the limits of it's capabilities. The latest version even restored the image made with the previous version. If you're using the Free version make sure you note your images with the partition sizes if you're going to play around with the partitions.
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    Very nice RG, thanks for the info. For now I will continue with Acronis. I was disappointed with EaseUS ToDo 3.5 and don't have time to play with Macrium Reflect but do appreciate the time you put in. Others will be able to use this info in their own Imaging.

    The point in all this is to select an Imaging app that suits your needs and IMAGE, IMAGE, IMAGE!!!
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