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    Home intranet file transfers slow to crawl and sometimes stop.

    I hade 2 PCs connected by wire router/modem and set up as belonging to the same workgroup. Both run Win7 and have homegroup disabled. One PC has a static IP/DNS set as it seems more reliable when connecting to the internet whereas the other has auto IP/DNS. Quite often when doing file transfers between the computers the transfer will slow to a crawl and sometimes stop altogether. One of the PCs have been running the same installation of Win7 for some time whereas the other has had Win7 reinstalled a number of times due to internal (mobo cpu HDD etc) hardware changes. The issue however has persisted over all these builds. Could there be setup reasons why this would happen? I doubt if its a physical problem as sometimes it all works fine & sometimes it doesn't.

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    Have you tried an different Ethernet cable?

    Are you using up to date Ethernet adapter drivers from either the PC manufacturer or the Ethernet adapter manufacturer?

    How old is your router? Have you updated your router's firmware?

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